At Minisport, we believe in the importance of parent/guardian involvement in our classes. For all students aged 1.5-3.5yrs (Playgroup & Mini-Tots), guardian assistance is mandated. 

Guardian assistance refers to the active participation of a parent or guardian during the class, supporting and assisting their child in accomplishing the tasks at hand

Note that as children edge closer to 3.5yrs, we allow guardians to take on a more passive role in the sessions however the level to which this is achieved varies from child to child and is determined by our coaching team.

Here are some guidelines to help you understand the role of guardian assistance for 1.5-3.5yr old guardians:

  1. Active Involvement:
    As a parent or guardian, we encourage you to actively engage with your child during the class. This may involve providing guidance, encouragement, and assistance as they navigate through the activities and challenges presented.

  2. Support and Encouragement:
    Your presence and involvement play a crucial role in creating a positive and nurturing environment for your child. By offering support and encouragement, you help build their confidence and motivation to participate fully in the class.

  3. Assisting with Tasks:
    Depending on the age and skill level of your child, you may be asked to assist them with certain tasks or exercises. This can include demonstrating movements, helping with equipment setup, or providing hands-on guidance as needed.

  4. Collaboration with Instructors:
    Our instructors are there to guide and facilitate the class, and they may provide specific instructions on how you can best assist your child. It's important to collaborate with the instructor and follow their guidance to ensure a safe and productive learning experience.

  5. Avoid use of Smart Phones:
    We firmly believe that a mobile-free environment will enhance the overall quality of the classes and enable us to provide the best possible assistance to your children. Eliminating distractions, such as mobile phones, allows our coaches and your children to focus fully on imparting the necessary skills, providing individual attention, and facilitating a seamless learning experience. It will also encourage better engagement and participation among the participants, leading to improved skill development and an overall enjoyable experience for everyone involved.