Yes, this is possible but not too common...

Public Classes

We have a handful of venues at which we send two coaches to run sessions side by side so that siblings have a chance to attend at the same time and venue, greatly easing the logistics on families with multiple students. Note however that there are only a select few instances where this occurs for our regular public classes and that often siblings need to attend back to back classes or even classes on different days of the week.

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Holiday Camps

It is worth nothing that our age brackets are often slightly wider for holiday camps and that it is common to find us running camps side by side, even with games together from time to time, for age groups as wide as 4-5 years. 

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Private Classes

If your children are close in age (2-2.5yrs) then we are willing to run private classes at youpir referred choice of venue, subject to availability. For more information on the possibility of those classes being arrange for you, visit:


Our events are a great opportunity for children of wide age ranges to be entertained at the same time alongside each other. For more information on these, visit : or sign up to our newsletter to stay updated: