• What are credits?

Credits are equivalent to HKD and are usually recorded due to class cancellation or absence from weather issues, or sick leave request with doctor’s note.

  • Do credits expire?

Credits have a 90-day validity period from the date recorded.                                                                                   



  • How do I check how much credit I have left?

Create a support ticket in our portal and one of our agents will verify your remaining credits amount and respond.

  • How can I use my credits?

Credits can be used toward any of the Minisport services, including public classes, private classes, camps, events, parties, etc. 

To apply your credits in an enrollment, input the credit value you have remaining with us in the white box within the ‘insert your credits here’ section on the enrollment form. The credit amount will be deducted from the total before payment.


  • Can I use my credits later instead of for this term?

All credits are valid for up to 90 days (effective from April 15th, 2023). An additional 90 days of credit will be granted to all existing clients at the launch of the Minisport App.

  • I am unable to use the credits that I have accrued, what can I do?

Credit can be transferred to another parent- just contact our admin team with the parent phone number and amount of credits you’d like to transfer,  and we’ll remark this for you!