Booking Process

The first step for booking a minisport party is to complete the party enquiry form:

Our Party Co-ordinator will then contact you via WhatsApp to discuss your proposed event in more detail. Should the requested time slot be available, then the party booking form will be sent to you. Note that a $1,400 deposit is required at the booking stage of this process. 

On the Wednesday leading up to your event, our Party Co-ordinator will set up a WhatsApp group with your coaching team and our operations staff to ensure smooth communication leading up to the big day. 


Further Information

Minisport parties are a fantstic way to entertain groups of children at a wide range of events. We do this through drawing upon a wide range of non-sport specific games designed to engage large groups of children with varied interests. 

Our standard Minisport parties include games such as:

  • Tug of War
  • Clean Your Yard
  • Sharks & Fishes
  • Pirate Ships
  • Mr. Snake
  • Relay Races
  • Sleeping Dragons
  • Ball Chain Races
  • Treasure Hunts

Party packages are priced as below:
1 coach for upto 12 kids: $2,000

2 coaches for upto 24 kids: $2,800

3 coaches for uptown 36 kids: $3,800

Note that parties are subject to a transport fee which can vary depending on the venue. 

Minisport is not responsible for the booking or payment of any venues unless otherwise agreed. 


Our standard party timeslots are below:

Saturday + Sunday : 2:00pm or 4:30pm

Alternative time-slots may be available upon request.

Further Information

If you would like more information on our parties, please find more information on the party page of our website:

You can also speak with our Party Co-ordination team via the below contact details:

Creating a support ticket:

WhatsApp our Party Co-ordinator: